ZELLKRAFTWERK offers a range of custom cytometry services for the pharmaceutical industry and larger academia projects. Our services span from panel development for feasibility studies to clinical study support over a number of years. As a first step of your project our project managers will set up a milestone-based workplan covering the whole workflow from sample collection to data visualization and reporting. Due to the built-in biorepository feature of the Chipcytometry technology, your samples will still be available after finishing your initial project for follow-up studies using exactly the same sample!

Investigating precious samples in several iterative rounds over a period of up to 12 month?

Yes, Zellkraftwerk’s biomarkers services really can make a difference!


Cellular Biomarker Discovery Services

With its capacity to simultaneously measure 30 parameters on ten thousands of cells, Chipcytometry is a powerful technology with a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical discovery and development. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff are available to assist with experimental design, provide training and sample collection materials, and develop and validate assays to meet project-specified criteria. Bild2

We offer a wide range of experience in developing and validating cytometry assays to suit many different requirements, from exploratory through clinical sample analysis for clinical trials (e.g. exploratory biomarker, PD biomarker, safety biomarker).
Today Chipcytometry is the only cellular biomarker technology enabling storage of samples for 12 month prior to analysis. This allows for game-changing new applications:

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PK/PD & Safety

In pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetics (PK) cytometry has proven to be a powerful tool to elucidate pharmacokinetics at a cellular level. Moreover Chipcytometry helps you investigating drug safety and efficacy at a very early stage. Based on the iterative Chipcytometry technology we support pre-clinical and clinical research through assay and method development, validation and in depth data analysis.
Receptor occupancy and Pharmacodynamics are supporting your dose selection and assessment of receptor occupancy (RO) is useful in drug development to confirm physical target coverage and support dose selection when combined with PK modeling, receptor internalization, and nuclear translocation. Furthermore Chipcytometry is the only technology available to the market today allowing sample storage for about 12 month and enabling iterative re-analysis (ISR) of the same sample. In a number of studies Chipcytometry has been validated for a broad range of clinical specimens (liquid specimens as well as tissue biopsies) and has delivered excellent results.
PK based on Chipcytometry is characterized by the following technology features:

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Digital Pathology

Using ZellSafe Tissue chips, we use Chipcytometry to stain cell-bound biomarkers directly in-situ on cryosections and biopsies. Zellkraftwerk partners with drug developers to set-up and execute 30-plex biomarker panels that support oncology drug development programs worldwide. Our assay services are highly-customizable and are designed to support a range of development activities – ranging from early biomarker identification to late stage clinical trials to companion diagnostic development. In tissue cytometry our core expertise is whole slide scanning using 30-plex assays and generation of quantitative cytometric data using tissue-type segmentation as well as segmentation of single cells.

These are the features we are offering in tissue cytometry:

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