The aim is to establish a diagnostic platform for personalized therapy, which unites
the diagnostic device, laboratory tests and the software for evaluation.

Joint project partners: Zellkraftwerk GmbH and Leipzig University (IKI)
Project duration: 2018/01/01 – 2020/12/31 

The health industry is constantly changing. The processes and societal demands on the medicine of tomorrow are changing ever faster. Analogous to this rapid development the diagnostics industry must also constantly evolve. The search for innovative ideas is of fundamental importance for the competitiveness of companies. The path leads away from patient treatment according to generalized standard techniques  and towards a personalized therapy. In addition to the exact prognosis of a therapeutic success the focus is on reducing the costs of treatment for insured persons and payers. Based on this scenario, Zellkraftwerk has developed the concept of a key diagnostic technology, which should be used as a central component for therapy decisions and therapy control (patient monitoring). The goal is to establish an innovative diagnostic platform for personalized therapy using the technologies of Industry 4.0. For this purpose an application for oncology based on the example of immune modulators will be developed as a model. Within the project it is planned to construct a diagnostic device (DiPerMed device), which allows to analyse living cells of patients in a novel test cassette. Thus, a therapeutic decision can be made that is tailored to the particular patient. Parallel to the instrument, a software, a laboratory test, and the associated consumables are being developed.

DiPerMed is thus based on the integration of (I) innovative technologies, (II) long-term know-how of the project partners, and (III) innovative procedures to a prototypical diagnostic device. This prototype will be developed in the project and then used for the application development of immune modulator assays.

Fig. 1: Schematic description of the four components of the prototype

Zellkraftwerk sees significant future opportunities of DiPerMed’s future application, especially in oncology and autoimmune diseases, as this diagnostics market segment will become an even more important component of business models in the pharmaceutical industry. Within the framework of the DiPerMed project, the consortium is focusing on the diagnosis of immunomodulators, which are of crucial importance for the treatment of solid tumors such as skin, liver, stomach, breast or larynx carcinomas.

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